Xanthe Simmons
Member of the Fourth Cohort
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Xanthe was born to a college proffeser, who was the daughter of Athena (yes the greek version), who attended Camp Half-Blood. Apollo eyed her one day, picking up an instrument, the guitar. She picked up and started strumming on it, it being her first time, and it sounded half way good. He was amazed at her talent. He confronted her as a street musician and told her she sounded good. She explained how she was new too it, and he invited her over for some lessons. After weeks of lessons, the college proffeser fell in love with a god. She didn't know about him being a god... until she became pregnent with Xanthe. Apollo had to leave, he had duties as a Roman God. Xanthe was born on March 23, 1994. He grew up playing the keyboard first, then the guitar. His mom taught him, just as Apollo taught her. At the age of 13 he was attacked bt a Hydra. The Hydra caught him just as he was on his way out the door of his music lessons with his mom. His mom heard his scream and came running out side. She noticed the monster from what he was taught on Greek Myths from CHB and knew what to do. Xanthe ran away from the monster as his mom went to go see if she could get something to kill the Hydra. She accidently, while lighting a match to light a candle, burnt the whole house down. She took the Hydra with it though, and her... Xanthe was safely away from the house. He wondered around, until he came upon a deserted house, or so he thought. He walked in and was attacked by a wolf. He tried to fight it off, but when he was pinned down, and almost dead, a wolf name Lupa told him to stop. She decided to teach Xanthe the ways of Rome, and fighting. He was given a golded Bow and Arrows. He learned how to use them wisely, then she decided to send him to go work as a member of the Fourth Cohort.


Xanthe enjoys to be on a team. He would rather be on a team then alone anyday.

Member of the Fourth Cohort
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born -
Family -
Status Alive
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Fourth Cohort
Weapons -

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Missions N/A