Tyler Spirit
Son of Jupiter
Member of the Third Cohort
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Haley Spirit (Mother)

Jupiter (Father) Grace Zane (Step-Mom)

Status Alive, 17
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height .
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons Mp3 player/Sword (ThunderHead)
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter

Third Cohort

Quests None


Tyler a kind person. He’s a born leader and would put his life in danger to help his friends.


Tyler was born to a young woman named Haley Spirit. She had gotten a job as an author when he was born so she moved the family to Virginia. Tyler grew up in a large city off the coast. When Tyler turned five he was kidnapped by a demigod daughter of Mars with the name of Grace Zane took him to her home in Nevada for safety after she found out that he was a demigod. Tyler was sent to many boarding schools around the west coast but, every time was kicked out. When Tyler turned ten she gave up on boarding schools and took the risk of a public school near her home. She soon started training Tyler with about every weapon she had. When Tyler turned fourteen monsters started attacking so Grace sent him to the Wolf House but, before he left Tyler learned that Grace had token him from his home in Virginia. So he changed up his plane ticket so it would take him to Virginia. When he arrived in Virginia he found his mother’s home. When he got there he found his mother but, she was married and had three kids. He got angry after that and got on a bus heading south. When he got caught by the police, they asked him who is his parent was so he told them about Grace. After searching for about a year the police told him that she had disappeared. Tyler then remembered the Wolf House and gave them the Wolf House as his home address. They took him to the Wolf House and Tyler was trained. When it was time for him to leave he chose to explore LA before he had to go work at Camp Jupiter. He got a job working for a machine shop. When he turned seventeen he went to camp Jupiter