Severeno Ryler
The Thief
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Great Grandfather- Mercury
Status Living
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Height 5'6
Affiliation SPQR, Camp Jupiter
Weapons Gladius
Species Legacy
Home Fifth Cohort
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Mischievous, troublemaker, VERY persuasive, good speaker, loyal to friends


Sev's grandparent met their Mercury at a festival ad won him/her over by winning a difficult game. Sev's father became like a Robin Hood, but was forced to send Sev away. Sev was raised on a farm in the middle of Kansas, with his Aunt and Uncle. His main job was helping herd the cows, but he was such a fast runner that he didn't really need any help. One day,a flock of harpies came and attacked. His Uncle held them off, but was killed shortly. He and his Aunt drove away, but soon, Lupa came to get Sev. Sev trained at the Wolf House, and passed with flying colors. He made his way through California, and almost made it to Camp without having to fight monsters. But, as he got near, a hellhound jumped him. He fought it off, but since he was taken by surprise, got a gash on his side. He barely made it across the Little Tiber before passing out.