R.I.P Cupcake, Gone but not forgotten!
February 20, 2012 - February 23, 2012.
Age:Three Days

Sad AnnouncementEdit

Hi guys, I wasn't sure where else to put this, so I'm going to put it here. I do not know if you will care, but I can't be on here anymore. I just got kicked out of my fifth school for accidentally making the teachers microwave explode. I put the microwavable popcorn in upside down and it started smoking, and... well you get the picture. Wasn't supposed to be using the "teachers microwave" anyway, but the line for the other was really long... IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! Sort of. Year before that, I gave the principle a burn with a pepper spray and lighter experiment -ON ACCIDENT AGAIN- and before that I threw a metal ball-thingy I got off of a teacher's desk I stole and spraypainted it to look like angry birds, and then *le wild teacher appeared* and she got hit in the face so I broke her nose (I don't know why it mattered, she was ugly anyway). I think I'm just typing out this whole story because 1) I am stupid tired right now. 2) I'm stalling because my mom is really mad, what with the five schools and all, so now she's taking away my computer. She will give it back when I stay in a school for more than two years, so it may not be a while. :| 3) I wanted to say goodbye to you all 4) I never admitted to any of this, and odds are, you do not know me, so I just finally felt like telling someone for no damn reason but to procrastinate on my homework. 5) I only have one more day on here, so if you found my adventures intriguing enough, you can PM and talk to me for the last time before I never see the blue light of facebook again XD

-Happy RP-ing, I wish you all the best :)