New Rome

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New Rome is the city guarded by the legionnaires of Camp Jupiter. It is a safe refuge for demigods, legacies, Nature Spirits, and minor gods along the Little Tiber. Its buildings are of white marble with red tile roofs and include townhouses and shops in addition to the domed senate house, a forum studded with statues and columns, and models of the Circus Maximus and the Coliseum. Just outside of the city is Temple Hill, with temples to many of the Roman gods. The city is a sacred 'safe zone' in the words of Frank Zhang, no weapons are allowed inside the Pomerian Line that defines its boundaries. This is guarded and enforced by Terminus, the statuegod of boundaries. It also provides housing and education for demigods and their families once their 10 years with the legion are up. The citizens of New Rome are almost all veterans of the legion, some of whom apparently have seats in the senate where they advise the current praetors in addition to forming a trained reserve.

Upon entering the

Town Square can be seen.