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May Jepter
Skylar Lane
The Child of Flowers
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Gavin Jepter (Father)

Prosperina (Mother)

Status Alive, 15
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Affiliation Camp Jupiter

Third Cohort

Weapons Spear called Vine
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter

Third Cohort

Quests None


May is always nice to everyone at first, but can become very cold and cruel if you give her a reason to distrust you.


May grew up in Vancouver, Canada. With her father Gavin Jepter. Gavin met Ceres/Prospeine/Victoria well at a local garden store well working. Gavin fell in love when they looked into each others eyes and eventually had a little baby girl together. They named her May and Ceres/Prosperine/Victoria left. Only leaving them a letter. The lette read; 'Gavin, you will need to know that May is special, she is a demigod and will need to go to Camp Jupiter. Love always Ceres.' On the back there was cordinates on how to get there.

Well growing up Gavin never told May about the letter. He wanted her to live a normal life at least till she was 12. But that didn't stay according to plan. When she was only 6 well at school she was pulled into a class by a gorgon. She only had a teacher pointer with her. The gorgon pushed her into the chalkboard and mumbled something that May could nto understand. She shoved the pointer into the gorgon and ran. Never looking back to know if it was fallowing her.

By the time she was 12 she has been attacked only twice. Her father agreed to drive her to camp. Well on their way the gorgon that attacked May at school apeared on the road. They hit it full force but it got right back up and broke Gavin's window. Using a ice scrapper from the back seat Gavin bashed in the gorgons eye. Being able to see through the mist was an advantage. But the gorgon grabbed Gavin from the shirt and pulled him out from the car. After Gavin hit the road the gorgon opened the car door and started climbing in to grab May. She ran out her door and went to her fathers aid, but he was already dead. May was scared and started to run to the Camp Jupiter opening just 20 metres away.

But well running there she was stopped by a wolf. This wolf took her to a house where she trained May. Realizing it was Lupa from Roman legends May went along with everything she had to say. Eventually training finished and May could go to camp. She was full of energy and was in high spirits.