Luann Xanti
Son of Cupid, Fifth Cohort
Love's Son
(This character belongs to Elf)


In his family history of demigods, Luann was the first demigod for hundreds of years. Before Luann, there last demigod in his family was in the 1600s. His mother worked in a beauty salon and was formerly a model. It's what got (god parent)'s attention. Luann had a pretty "normal" life, of what normal could be. That is, until he was 15. He was attacked by an empousa. Being a child of (god parent), the empousa was attracted to him. It tried to bite him, until the wolf came. Her name was Lupa and she saved him. Luann was sent to Lupa to be trained. A few months later, after his 16th birthday, Luann was sent to Camp Jupiter, where he is now.

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Love's Son
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1996
Family Mother

Cupid, father

Status Alive
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons A small imperial dagger
Quests None yet


Luann is a flirtatious guy, who flirts with almost any female in sight. He can be stupid at times, but also very understanding, especially when it comes to love problems.


Luann has dark-ish brown hair, along with green eyes. WIP



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