Laura Rivers
Daughter of Apollo
Member of the Fourth Cohort
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Apollo (father)

Lance Rivers (Brother)

Status Alive, 16
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown
Height .
Affiliation .
Weapons A Sword and a bow with a quiver of arrows
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter
Quests None


Laura is a bold girl. She hates when people tell her what to do but, she loves playing her music. She likes dancing, singing, and playing music. She also has ADHD and lives in a world of her own. Laura is Loyal, smart and creative


Laura was born into a small family in Texas but, a little while after her birth, her older brother, Lance disappeared. Laura worried about him but, her mother said that he was staying with family for a little while. Bit by bit, Laura started to forget Lance as she grew older. When she started school she met new kids but, not many were her friends. She disliked the teachers, the classes and school over all. When Laura turned seven she was sent to a small boarding school for girls in Canada. Laura liked it there but, it was very boring. So she got herself kicked out after a year by stealing one of the girl’s iPod. When she got back home she started singing and playing music. Her mom learned of her talents and used Laura’s talents to get quick money. Laura hated using her talents for money but, she didn’t want her mom angry so she played for small crowds near her home. When she turned ten her mom moved them to Hollywood, CA and had her audition for a movie. When she didn’t make the cut, Laura was so happy but, her mother was furious. That night her mother went out, got drunk and died in a car accident. After her mother’s funeral Laura was put in a foster home where she met a demigod. The demigod trained her while they stayed in the foster home. After she turned fifteen the demigod gave an address to the Wolf House then got adopted. Soon after monsters started attacking so she went to the Wolf House. She got trained and then got sent to Camp Jupiter.