Kye Porter
F0028472-Sad teenage boy-SPL
Son of Bellona
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Bellona (mother)

Rodney Porter (father)

Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 4'9"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter

Fourth Cohort

Weapons -
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter
Quests -


Kye is very freindly most of the time but if you get on his bad side he can be lethal he is very loyal and will protect his freinds with his life


When Kye was first born, Bellona left his father, who said to Kye that she died. Rodney said that Bellona had gone to war before he was born, and died. He childhood was normal, normal for a demigod, anyway.

When Kye reached the age of 14 he was diagnosed with ADHD and got expelled from his school because he always hurting other people. His father tried many things, but then sent him to a military school, where the teachers were really strict. One night, he tried to run away but one of the teachers, Mr. Johnson, caught him and had him scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush for ages. In April he was attacked by the school bully but somehow Kye broke his arm, broke his nose and broke his leg. Kye obviously got expelled for that. When he arrived back home, his mum had a major argument with him .A few days later he found out that she had been drinking and for that he ran away.

He reached California and stayed in a hotel for a few nights with the money he stole. On the fifth night at the hotel, in the diner, the wall exploded to reveal a six armed creature. Kye threw a fork at it and ran through the hole in the wall. He ran until he came to bridge with a matienance door in the middle but when he looked closely he could see two kids in armour. Kye ran to them. He reached the door and the two kids saw him they threw there spears at the creature, then it disintergrated to dust. The kids, Violetter Cunnigham and Ashley Webber, guided Kye along the tunnel. When they got to the end Kye was amazed. Below him he saw a valley with a river running around it, inside there was something like a small town and in the distance he saw Mount Diablo. Vi and Ash told him to cross the river, which he did then walked into the camp. One of the Praetors, Jemma Billing came and took Kye to the Principia where she told him that he was a son of a Roman God. He beleived because he just saw six armed beasts. She then told him he would soon be claimed, plus he would have to join a cohort. That night, at evening muster, he was claimed by Bellona, plus Violette Cunnigham, Optio of the Fifth Cohort, stood for him, and he joined the Fifth Cohort.