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Ivan Robinson
Son of Cupid
Important Information
Gender male
Family Cupid (father)
Emily Robinson (mother)
Status Alive, single and looking
Eye Color Green eyes
Hair Color Blonde/Brown
Height 6ft,2"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Fourth Cohort
Weapons -
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter
Quests N/A -


Ivan is sweet, and kind of shy. He has a very caring nature, and loves animals. Despite all of this, he also has a fierce side, which is mainly only seen in battle, and when he sees a girl he likes talking to another guy.


Cupid met Emily Robinson at a hill by a beach at sundown. Cupid asked whatshe was doing there and Emily replyed with "I just love sunsets," and they chatted until it was almost dawn. Then they started to go out together for meals, and a couple of months later Emily found out they were pregnant with Ivan. Cupid told Emily that they were a god, and about Camp Jupiter.

His life was nice and his parent treated him kindly. At school Ivan was popular, he had lots of friends. He was very athletic and joined in with a lot of clubs. Ivan found out that he had dyslexia but no-one cared so life was normal.He always got straight A's but most of the time he got A+'s. He never had a girlfriend, even though all the girls asked him to be their boyfriend.

When Ivan came home one day in the middle of October, when he was 16, his mum handed him a big, full bag and a wad of cash. She explained about the gods, and how he needed to go to Camp Jupiter. Lupa came and took him to the Wolf House where he trained for two years before going to camp, where he was claimed by Cupid, and joined the Fourth Cohort.