So you've decided to join this role-playing wiki. That's great! However, you may struggle at setting up your character. Here is a guide on what to do.

What to Do FirstEdit

First, you are going to want to submit a "Claim". First, fill out this simple outline:

Name: Vivian Pavlovich
Gender: female
Cohort Choice:

After filling that out, try and get a better grasp on your character. Maybe try under appearance for height, eye color, hair color, etc. The more information you have, the more likely you will get your top choices. Fill out this outline:

Name: Vivian Pavlovich
Gender: female
God Parent Choice 1: Minerva
God Parent Choice 2: Pluto
God Parent Choice 3: Neptune

Cohort Choice 1:10
Cohort Choice 2:1

Age: 16

Appearance: Blue eye, blond hair, 5'5"

~~~~Vivian Pavlovich~~~~

Personality: Funny, powerfull angry 
Weapons:Sword ~~

If you can fill that out, you are finally ready to be claimed. To be claimed, go to the claiming page and create a claim request. Make sure you include that information on your claiming request, and sign your claim with the classic "~~~~".

After Getting ClaimedEdit

1.Create your character page.

2. Type a description of your character. Include the age, cohort, and godly parent. You can also include appearance and other stuff you included on your claim. If you have an image, feel free to add it. If you want to make an image yourself, go ahead. You can also use Google Images if you want, but make sure another user here doesn't already have that or it isn't strictly copyrighted.

3. On the character's page put Category:Character at the bottom along with what cohort you are in. (IE , , etc.)

4. On Your user page, put a link to your characters page. If this is not done, we don't know what user owns what character and it makes talking to people very difficult!

5. On the bottom of your character's page, put a link to your user page, so we know who the character belongs to.

6. Create a wordbubble for your character

To make a wordbubble, you simply make a page named "Template:Name of your template" then type:


|image =

|color =

|color2 =

|color3 =

|color4 =

|textcolor =

|textcolor2 =

|line =

|fonttype =

|charname =

|charpage =

|cohort =

|godparent =

|title =

|time =

|text = {{{2}}}