Finnick Mariner
Child of Salacia
Centurion of Third Cohort
(This Character Belongs to Sonofapollo)

About Me

Finnick was born to a marine Biologist, Myles, and Salacia, goddess of salt water, and the sea, wife of Neptune. Neptune was enraged by the affair of Salacia, as she was a faithful wife, thus leading to Neptune killing Myles, in an act of rage. He almost killed Finnick, but Salacia sought out Juno, and pleaded to her- threatening that if Neptune killed her child, their marriage would be over- resulting in complete and total unrest in the sea. Juno consented, and proteced Finnick, ordering Neptune to stop- lest he be thrown into tartarus by Jupiter.

Juno gave the baby to some of Salacia's handmaidens, Nereids, to raise. When Finnick turned 10, Juno retrieved Finnick, and brought him to New Rome. She tested him, by making him fight a group of Cyclopes. She gifted him with an Imperial Gold trident, and a net woven out of gold to aide him. The style was Greek, but young Finnick did not know.

Finnick managed to kill three out of the five cyclopes. One of then knocked him into the Little Tiber, unbeknownst that Finnick was a child of as Sea Goddess. The ush from the Tiber strengthened him, and using hydrokinesis, he managed to kill the last two. Thus, he wass welcomed with open arms into the Camp.

Centurion of the 3d Cohort
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born 1991
Family Salacia
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Third Cohort

Self Camp Jupiter

Weapons Trident and Net
Cohort Third
Quests None yet




He's hot, and won't let you forget it. He also has the symbol of Salacia tattoed on his left arm. It can be seen below:




He is proud and vain. He is very intelligent, but uses his good looks and charming ways to trick people. He can be very nice to a person, but if they get on his bad side, there will be hell to pay.



As a child of Salacia, he has the following powers:

  • As Salacia is the goddess of the sea, Children of Salacia can perform Hydrokinesis, the ability to control and manipulate water.
  • Children of Salacia can talk to creatures of the deep, including Hippocampi and Nereids.
  • Children of Salacia can turn Saltwater into Spring water, and vice versa, as *Salacia was the goddess of seawater.
  • Children of Salacia have the ability to locate their bearing perfectly in the Sea
  • Children of Salacia can communicate, breathe and see perfectly underwater
  • Children of Salacia are strengthened by the water.