Emeli Sandé
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Daughter of Bellona
The Bohemian Warrior
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Bellona - mother

Alejandro Sandé - father

Status Alive, single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'9"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons Sword
Species Demigod
Home 2nd Cohort
Quests N/A


Emeli is a quite friendly and kind person, but she can have her moods. She can get angry easily, for silly reasons most of the time. She is protective over her friends and will do anything to make them happy.


Emeli was born on 23 April 1996 to Alejandro Sandé, a spanish reporter and Bellona, the Goddess of War and Destruction. The two met a year later and fell in love with each other. Once Emeli was born, Bellona disappeared leaving behind her nothing, but a heart-shaped locket for her daughter. Alejandro became brokenhearted, but he loved Emeli and decided to raise her on his own.

And so Emeli grew. She had a beautiful childhood in Barcelona and she was very close to her father. She stopped asking about her mother when she noticed that those kind of questions hurt him, but she was always wearing her locket. She was happy about her life, when suddenly everything changed.

Few days before her 16th birthday, Alejandro died in a car crash. It was a great loss for her and she cried for days. She was then sent to her aunt, Naya, who was living in San Francisco. Emeli wasn't happy to be there, and neither was her aunt. She treated her awfully and she even hit her. After a couple of months, Emeli decided to run away.

She sneaked out of the house in the night with some of her bellongings. She walked the whole city, when she bumped into a woman. She told her that her name was Juno and asked her where what is she searching for. All Emeli said was "Somewhere to live". Juno liked the girl, and told her the truth: That her mother was a Roman goddess. Emeli was shocked, but when Juno talked to her about Camp Jupiter, she agreed to go.


Emeli stands at 5'9" and has an athletic figure.Despite being Spanish, she has more of a Scandinavian look with blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She likes to keep her hair down, adding style to them with some little plaits.