Daniel Peterson
Son of Invidia
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Daniel was born to Anthony Peterson and a goddess, while his cousin, Chloe was born to Joe Peterson, Anthonys brother, and a goddess.

Daniel grew up with his mortal dad, he lived near his cousin and their mortal parents often visited each other. Chloe's dad was a famous company owner and was very rich. While his dad worked in a school. Daniel's dad didn't have as much money as his brother but he had enough to be able to buy many nice things for Daniel. His uncle never had any time for Chloe so she spent more time with Daniel and his dad. He loved Chloe and Chloe loved him they were more like brother and sister then cousins. Daniel'd godly parent had told Anthony everything about the roman gods and the monsters and even about Camp Jupiter. So as Daniel and Chloe grew up Anthony told them more and more about the roman gods and monsters even tough he didn't know who Chloe's godly parent was.

Daniel and Chloe then started a primary school called Red Willow Primary School, The other kids were quite nice to them at the start but then they got bullied by a large group of bullies, so they other kids followed their lead. Daniels only freind was Chloe, so they began be horrible to the kids back. Daniel always had to get his revenge, for some reason he just had to, and Chloe helped him get it. Chloe could make all the other kids unlucky, she could make them trip, fall over and slip. The bullies started to stay away for a while as they knew that Daniel and Chloe were dangerous. When ten Chloe was diagnosed with ADHD and Daniel with Dyslexia. Anthony told Daniel everything when he was 13, Chloe dad told her everything as well. When Chloe was 14, she became goth and became more b*tchy as her oarent had no time for her. Then they found an AMAZING den in an abandoned building, when they were 15. A hellhound had hunted them out and attacked them, luvkily a group of questing demi-gods found them, killed the hellhound and helped them home.

Eventually, Lupa's wolves found them while they were in their den. They took them to the wolf house. They trained there for a year, then were sent to Camp Jupiter, where they were claimed. Chloe was given twin Imperial gold swords while Daniel had an Imperial gold sword.

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Vital Statistics
Age 15
Gender Male
Born -
Family Chloe Peterson (Cousin)
Status Alive
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black
Height Average
Home Camp Jupiter
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Quests None



He is loyal, cold, many call him emotionless, and he is often very cruel. He is only freindly to Chloe.



He has black hair, brown eyes and is quite pale.













Relationships & Life at CampEdit

Relationships and Life at Camp