Daisy Ness a Dona
Spring is Nice
The Spring Daisy
Flower Daisy
Daughter of Prosperina
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Prosperina-Mom, Dylan-Brother, Abe-Dad
Status Alive,4
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Height 3'7
Affiliation Fifth Cohort
Weapons A knife that was given to her by Prosperina
Species Demigod
Home Danbury Connecticut
Quests N/A


Abe Ness a Dona, a roman son of Apollo met Prosperina in Danbury Connecticut. They had an affair which Lady Dari Ness a Dona was not happy about. The son of Apollo was given 2 children. Prosperina told him everything and he said he knew as he was a descendant of Apollo. The children grew up and were attacked at 7. Abe brought them to camp and demanded they be put in the Fifth Cohort. They were put there were they were cared for