Sia Blue Edit

Early Life ​ Edit

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Sia's mother is Emily Blue and her father is Neptune. Sia lived in New York with her mom until she was three,then her mom died and she became an orphan.She was never adopted because weird things always happend when they brought her home,for example when she would get upset water would come out of the sinks.When she went to school she was made fun of because she had no family.Then one day she was being chased by a monster and she was brought to the wolf house to be trained by Lupa,after that she made it to camp jupiter.Once there she was claimed by her father,Neptune and was put into the fith cohort.

  • ===Life at camp jupiter ===
  • ===Sia was very happy at camp jupiter, she became the third best sword fighter in camp jupiter.she was nervous at first but soon realised that she belonged at camp jupiter===
  • ==Relationships==
  • ===Sia isn't very close with her godly parent Neptune and doesn't have any respect for him at all,in fact she couldn't careless about him as she doesn't know anything about him.To Sia her family and home is camp jupiter and her friends and her mom ,even though she barely remebers her mother,Emily.===
  • ===Sia is friends with most people at camp jupiter.===
  • ===Sia is also very close to Lupa===
  • ==Personality ==
  • ===Sia acts like most roman demigods but is also stubern loud arrogant and quick to get into a fight .Her fatal flaw is her arrogance,she is also loyal to her home and a good friend.She is kind only to her friends and those she trust===
  • ==Aperance ==
  • ===Sia has curly brown hair,and blue eyes.Sia looks like her mother,Emily with her brown hair and pail skin the only feature thats her father's is her blue eyes ===

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