Came5ron Pople
Child of Psyche
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Came5ron or Cameron as he was known at the time was born to a young man and Psyche in a somewhat quiet village in Kent, England.

Cameron's father , however, died before he knew him, so Cameron was sent to an orphanage. The orphanage could have been decent if there wasn't so many kids living there.

Cameron managed to get away from the kids most of the time by hiding in the bathroom, and either 1. Listening or writing lyrics for music, 2. Reading or 3. Sleeping.

Cameron hated almost everyone...actually yeah he hated everyone. Cameron became more lonesome as time went on, shortly after his 8th birthday the workers in the orphanage stopped even giving him presents for Christmas or his birthday. Soon Cameron stopped even having a birthday and stopped counting what age he was.

Cameron was walking to school one day on, his usual, deserted paths, until he saw a figure move near a bush. He continued walking until Lupa jumped out on him, scaring the poor boy to death. Lupa said that she actually came her for three other demigods but, sadly, the monsters managed to get there before her.

Lupa then explained everything about him being a demigod and the only thing Cameron could do was stare in wonder as she explained. Lupa said that she was going to take him to Wolf House to be trained. The only thing Cameron could do was nod.

As soon as the got there Cameron quickly changed the spelling of his name from "Cameron" to "Came5ron" and somehow managed to pass his training and be sent to Camp Jupiter.

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The Fake Smile
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Species Demigod
Family Psyche (Mother)
Status Alive, Immortal
Eye Colour Ivy Green
Hair Colour Black
Height 5' 11"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons None, he uses whatever he can find.
Home Camp Jupiter


Came5ron is very untrusting and careful, he prefers not to risk things and likes people better if they shut up and be quiet. He likes to push people away and be somewhat repulsive. He loves music and is usually seen listening to it.


  • He possesses empathy and telepathy (the abilities to read one's thoughts, auras and emotions, as well as attempt to alter them)
  • He is able to possess others for a short time. The possessed target is able to fight him within. This power is rather energy consuming.
  • He can use astral projection. This powers is rather power consuming, especially when attempting to use his abilities during projection. His physical body is left vulernable during projection.
  • He can summon spirits to the mortal realm by will. They cannot effect the physical plane.
  • Psychokinesis, the ability to inflict his will upon the phsyical plane using the astral energies around him. The more effective the change he attempts to make, or the larger the object he attempts to move, the more energy it drains.
  • He can become intangible. The more time he stays intangible, the more energy it drains.