Splendora Blackbourne
Child of Ceres
Memberof the First Cohort
(This Character Belongs to Sonofapollo)

About Me

Splendora was born to Ceres and Edward Blackbourne during the Tudor era. Because of her strong aura, Ceres instructed Edward to make her become a handmaiden of Anne Boleyn- second wife of Henry VIII. Being around royalty, their scent covered Splendora's aura. She remained safe- until Queen Anne was beheaded, due to witchcraft. There were rumours that her handmaidens would recieve the same fate, so Edward sent Splendora to France, through Ship.

Unfortunatley, the ship was shipwrecked on Circe's Isle, so Splendora was safe. She lived with Circe for many eras. She learnt about the gods and the myths, but hated it there. It was too far away from sanity- in her eyes, so she turned the pigs back into men, and joined in an escape.

The men took her to the USA- it was now the modern era, but she picked up quickly. One day, a man in a Harley offered her some money if she would be a prostitute for him. She was disgusted. Growing up as a Lady-in-waiting, she knew manners. She picked up a rock, and was about to throw it at him- but he revealed himself as Mars. He congratulated her on her bravery and determination, and so in return, he took her to the wolf house, and then camp Jupiter.

Daughter of Ceres
Vital Statistics
Gender <font face="Monotype corsiva" size="4" color="#ffffff"Female</font>
Born In the Tudor decade
Family Ceres
Status Alive
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour brown
Height 5'11"
Affiliation First Cohort

Self Camp Jupiter

Weapons Rapier
Cohort First
Quests None yet



Splendora full

She is beautiful in a regal way. She also has the symbol of Ceres tattoed on her left arm. It can be seen below:

120px-Ceres symbol.svg



Shee is proud and vain. She loves to keep herself above everyone else, however, she does have a motherly side.