Alli Daniels
You don't Me
The One Of Riches
Alli Kiss
Daughter of Pluto
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Dahlia Daniels-Mom Pluto-Dad
Status Alive, 18
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Height 6'0"
Affiliation Pluto
Weapons A sword from Pluto
Species Demigod
Home New York
Quests The Quest for Gods


Pluto met Lady Dahlia Daniels in New York. They affaired and spawned Alli. lli gew up troubled. She was given a curse.She was sent to Camp at 17

Alli -Child of Pluto
-Innocent Angel

 – "I look kind, do I not? I look innocent, do I not? Appearances deceive, for I am your worst enemy."

Hello!!!!! I'm Alli